eGrip RBA Base it's the new accesory from Joyetech made for the eGrip Box Mod.
Made it to improve the vaping experience with this mod, and improve the powerful of the vaping.

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  • 2015ref1022

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    Joyetech eGrip RBA Base


    Base reparable eGrip, has been meticulously designed to repair resistances eGrip hand, with a minimum of 1.2Ohm. Thus enabling the user to create resistance the same, for better performance. In addition, the bottom making the base has a base larger than default one in the eGrip to improve airflow and get out more steam hole.

    Includes everything needed to repair the coils

    what includes RBA eGrip base?

    organic Cotton

    Base eGrip reparable (resistance already mounted)

    Two microcoils.


    Replacement screws

    Set of O-rings.


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