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Kings Crest
Versión reserva del alabado e-líquido Don Juan Reserve de Kings Crest, un eliquid con matices de tarta con helado de vainilla, notas sútiles de chocolate con leche y un fondo de crema de coco para redondear esta preciada fórmula alabada mundialmente por todos los vapeadores.

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Our policy is to have products of high quality brands for our customers, has become the largest store where you can buy your electronic cigarette at a good price, with free shipping anywhere in Spain. Some of the brands of electronic cigarette with which we work are:


More than an experience.

In case you did not know, of all the users who have switched to this great alternative, 66% say they have managed to quit smoking. The other remaining 33% admit to having decreased their habit of consumption. This is already a contribution that says a lot about the electronic cigarette as an effective option to stop smoking. However, it is not the only virtue of the electronic cigarette.

What is an electronic cigarette?

The electronic cigarette in Spain has become one of the last fruits that science and technology has left in its path and has also changed the way of understanding tobacco and even introducing the possibility of using e-liquid without nicotine, what is provided for smokers, an aid to avoid it and the risk of combustion, and reduce the risks in all cases of all types of health problems, derived from the substances of traditional habit.

In recent decades, as we know, there have been many technological advances that have been introduced in the market and that have been great for us. Example of this are just electronic cigarettes, a new concept that is called to replace traditional cigarettes that have changed our habits of consumption and way of thinking, it has undoubtedly made the vapor of its liquids with all kinds of aromas, including those of traditional taste, is highly valued by those who want to enjoy their pleasure without risking their health, with quality liquids so that anyone who sucks the delicious aromas with your cigar, know that you will not only enjoy an e-liquid of incredible fragrances; it is infinitely less harmful to your health than the nicotine of traditional cigarettes.

The vaping device consists of two fundamental parts: on the one hand, the battery, which can be recharged as many times as desired; and on the other hand, the atomizer, which is in charge of converting the e-liquid or liquid of the steam cigars, with aromas, with or without nicotine or even with tobacco aroma.

One of the characteristics that usually gets the attention of the consumer when switching to electronic cigarettes is the possibility of choosing between a host of fragrances and nicotine graduations. In iVapeo, we have a wide range of e-liquids that come from different national commercial houses and the rest of the sector, with sanitary certifications and the Spanish consumer authority, very appreciated by users, to enjoy an incredible session with incredible Tastes and delicious aroma.

As always with the option to enjoy your favorite taste, and as usual on the web, with the policy of offering you articles, whether e-liquids for electronic cigarettes, electronic cigarette kits, chargers, clearomizers, mini packs, dual coin systems, resistive thread, claromizador, drip, drops, a battery, and of course, in any case devices with the best prices and shipping without cost with urgent delivery time.

Since it began to be commercialized and with the passage of time, the number of consumers interested in making electronic cigarettes has not stopped growing. iVapeo has established itself as one of the main businesses dedicated to the sale of electronic cigarettes plus eliquids for electronic cigarettes, which is not surprising due to the wide variety of solutions offered for the tastes of all types of consumers. And you, have you already tried the e-cigarrette?

Why buy electronic cigarettes in iVapeo?

Are you aware of the clear benefits of electronic cigarettes for health? Do you know that buying an electronic cigarette is more than a trend to date today after the boom of 2016, 2017 and 2018? If you still have not received any answer for these questions, iVapeo solves them, surely you will not have any doubt why electronic cigarettes are for you the principle to quit smoking if that was your goal or simply the way to start in the pleasure of being part of the club of those who have already switched to electronic vaping devices:

Before listing the advantages of acquiring electronic cigarettes, we would like to advance you an important fact and that will surely help you as a decisive factor to acquire an electronic cigarette. In case you did not know, a study of users who have moved to this alternative stu stump, 66% say they have managed to quit smoking. The other remaining 33% admit to having decreased their consumption habit. This is already a contribution that says a lot about e-cig as an effective option to quit smoking. However, it is not the only virtue of the electronic cigarette.

The benefits of using electronic cigarettes today go far beyond the mere idea that we have about them as a resource to quit smoking. According to numerous medical studies carried out by different medical universities and international organizations from different spheres of society, electronic cigarettes are less harmful than tobacco for health because:

The e-cig does not contain tar or other carcinogenic substances; In addition, at iVapeo we have available a wide assortment of electronic cigarette without nicotine or with nicotine. Vaping with electronic cigarettes does not harm the environment, since they do not expel smoke. Vaping with an electronic cigarette does not harm the passive smoker or others. Vaping with an electronic cigarette is a great saving. Vaping with an electronic cigarette does not cause a bad oral odor. You can buy the nicotine-free pills just for the pleasure of vaping with your electronic cigarette, it's a perfect way to enjoy pleasure with better health. These are just some of the excellent utilities of acquiring electronic cigarettes. Do you dare to try iVapeo's electronic and liquid cigars?

Why use an electronic cigarette instead of the traditional tobacco and be the vapers?

If we did a survey whose objective was to discover the enigma between choosing vapers or staying with traditional tobacco, you would probably be surprised by the final result. iVapeo is not the only company in the e-cig sector that has asked itself the same question. However, it is the only one that has proven it. And do you know what option the battle won? Obviously, the vapers.

From iVapeo, the online store of electronic cigarettes, we encourage you to take the test and ask several friends. You will see that many will prefer vapers as the best choice to any other alternative.

But, why do they prefer the electronic cigarette to them? Very easy. Nowadays, one of the criteria that the population is most guided to acquire the products they need is the one that concerns the economy. If we compare two items that satisfy the same need (the electronic cigarette on the one hand and the usual tobacco on the other), but one is much cheaper than the other, which one do you prefer? With the cheapest, right? Well, in that sense, vapers win. And if we talk about the prices of electronic cigarettes iVapeo, there is no competitor worth, because as you can see you can buy a cheap electronic cigarette.

As you can see, health and saving are two of the best characteristics of steam cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes that exactly mimic a normal cigarette are usually not an appropriate choice in general, because they do not meet the characteristics of using an advanced vapeador, battery life, blow of steam. Do not resist to try the electronic cigar. You will not regret.

How does the electronic cigarette work?

The first thing that needs to be clarified is that a great variety of models exist in Spain, each of them with different functionalities and powers, from the simplest ones to those that are really very advanced devices. Even so the operation and technical concept is very similar in all of them, the cigars are made up of a battery, clearomizers or atomizers, the recipe for our favorite premium liquid, an electrical resistance and the nozzle for the vapor to be vacuumed.

The operation is simple, pressing the button heats the resistance with the energy of the battery, passing the liquid of the claromisers to it and producing a great contribution of steam so that the vapeado is aspired

Depending on our tastes or if it is our first cigar we can choose a simple model or one with premium features. Depending on the model we will find a battery with a longer or shorter duration, the duration will depend on the amount of load that supports and the volts of the device that can be used depending on the model, an adjustable or fixed option.

What parts does an electronic cigarette have?

The objective of the claromisers is to contain and heat the liquids through the resistance, to expel it through the spray tip ready to be vacuumed.

What is the atomizer?

The atomizer is also a tank and has the same function as the clearomizer, but the atomizer has higher performance and power than the clearomizer. In its interior we will find cotton and resistance to heat. These are appropriate systems for more advanced users, since knowledge of the operation and maintenance of more advanced devices is needed than with a claromizer.

Within the atomizers we can find different types:

- RDA:

They are usually used by advanced users. The main advantage is that it is the system of greater amounts to inhale steam.

- RTA:

They are similar to the RDA, but of use with higher levels of comfort than the previous ones. The technology has advanced so much that they practically already have similar performance as the RDA systems.

What is the battery for?

The rechargeable battery is always going to have an important function, to provide the resistances with energy to vaporize. The options are many and these will be conditioned to the type of device to be used, from the simple to the variable voltage of advanced devices.

What types of electronic cigarette are there?

We find 2 clearly differentiated categories:

- Basic models:
Among this type of electronic cigarettes we find the singles and the choice of many consumers when they are going to start, before moving to premium items. They are characterized by being light bulky and are the most similar to traditional cigarettes, usually have a power of 15-20W

- Advanced models or mod:

They are divided in turn between mechanical and electrical the latter are the most advanced and configurable. This type are already premium items, its difference with the previous models is basically in terms of power, configuration capacity of the way of use to the tastes and specific needs of each moment and its autonomy, can reach 350W of power. Many say that it is the best electronic cigarette.

With these models is when you really get to enjoy the full potential.

What is the price of electronic cigarettes?

The good news is that they exist for all kinds of pockets, you can buy complete electronic cigarettes from € 9.90 and other more advanced systems for up to € 99.99. As you can check the prices of electronic cigarettes is very broad and in the end it will depend on what you want to invest and if you are looking for some advanced and technological features.

The important thing is to choose the electronic cigarette that will really fit your needs and tastes, you can surely find a good device with a good quality / price. And if you need our support to make a decision, we will present deferent series of several levels that will surely help you to decide. The best brands of electronic cigarette and liquid e

We have the policy of having products of high quality brands for our customers, in the section of e-liquid, both in the variant that contains nicotine and in the e-liquids with taste and aromas, as in the section of electronic cigarettes, clearomizers , drip, batteries, dual coil systems, base for you to make your own e-liquid premium with your favorite fragrances, has made us the Top internet site where you can buy your electronic cigarette at a good price, with free shipping anywhere from Spain. Some of the brands we work with are:

Ego Ce4, Smok Alien, Kit Eleaf, Vaporesso Wismec, Kanger Tech, Istick, Innokin, Halo, Big Baby, Vision, Smok, Stick, Aio, Smok, joyetech ego aio kit, Kangertech, Vape pen 22, Hangsen, Smoktech, Veil , Reserve, Revenger, Vaper, Desert, Exceed, Crest, Wotofo, kings, wismec, Coilart, Breeze, Ikuu, Ijoy Innokin, Ijust, Nautilus, Cubis, Athos, Cubis, Dpro, Pachamama

Aspire and you can check how to smoke the type of eliquid with and without nicotine more natural and less harmful to your health and a worldwide success. If you do not know where to start, try one of the popular kits.

What has the liquid of the electronic cigarette?

The main advantage from this point of view is that it has no combustion and neither carbon monoxide nor tar are produced. Unlike traditional tobacco that contains thousands of unknown ingredients, the e-liquid, is made basically with 4 ingredients. On the one hand propylene glycol, which is used as a base and glycerol (vegetable glycerin) which is what produces the steam, food flavors for the flavors and also nicotine in the options that include it in concentrations of 0.3, 0.6, 0.12 and 0.18 .

What is propylene glycol and what is it for?

It is an organic compound called propaneidol. To be exact it is an alcohol in particular a diol, which is odorless, colorless and tasteless, and of oily texture. It is a compound of great use in the cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical industry.

The different food administrations and the medicine consider their use as insurance. A 100% propylene glycol base or 100% glycerin velent or a mixture of both in different proportions can be used in the e-liquid process.

What does propylene glycol contain?

On the internet you can find many news and information about the compound and its multiple uses. It is formed by the fermentation of yeast and carbohydrates and that is why when it is used in food it is included in the carbohydrates of the label. Here it acts to prevent them from drying out and improving vaporization.

How to take care of health by avoiding tobacco and its harmful effects? the main argument to switch to vaping?

In Spain and the whole world, the news in the media against the negative effects on smokers of the compounds included in conventional use in their different states and nicotine, and its consequences as lung cancer cases in smokers, makes that the Spanish policy and law against the use of tobacco increasingly increase its restrictions and hardness, focusing the view on the reduction of consumption.

With the passage of time according to the study of the effects of nicotine in smokers, it has been proven very harmful with all kinds of serious health problems such as lung cancer cases in people who smoke, as any doctor can corroborate the problems of smoking. important, who smokes currently has all kinds of data in the news, advertising and media in general, which warn the smoker of the risks of serious and minor diseases together even cancer cases.

That is why people based on some scientific study, the news of the media and publicity, and supported by the new policy and law in this regard, can receive the necessary encouragement from them as a way to abandon the habit or look for less harmful alternatives for they. You can find an important number of data in the blog and the web, in news, social networks on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, you should not close the possibility of staying well informed, either in these or in any other science study where see news about the advantages and also the important contribution that involves going to the vapers and forget about tobacco and see how smoking with electronic cigarettes is also a new source of pleasure and healthier than the conventional combustion so harmful.

Since you only use it as a base instead of all these types of unknown substances among other things that even produces cancer cases, quitting tobacco is no longer a fad, enjoy a session with total privacy on the website of the new pleasure , pass the conventional and become vapeador, and do not hesitate to keep informed of the news of the sector with the page of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and the Blog, so interesting that you will not want to close session.

How to Vape? More than an experience, a real pleasure

The vast majority of consumers of combustion tobacco always encourage to try the electronic cigarette and perhaps do not finish knowing the benefits of changing the smoke by vapors of flavors, seek to live a new pleasure, different after years of the same routine. Perhaps they do not know in principle is that in the end they will end up getting the taste of vaping with liquids of flavors; in fact, many of them come with the premeditated idea that they will not like it, that nothing could replace it today, but their opinion changes at the precise moment they try it, along with eliquids of tobacco flavor or diverse and varied tastes.

At that precise moment is when you are going to start your conversion and help stop smoking conventional cigarette and put aside all these chemicals that are capable of causing cancer, as reported by the national plan for the prevention of smoking and the Ministry of Health and public health, the office of food and medicines and public health organizations such as the Spanish society of pulmonology and thoracic surgery, which warn that lipoid pneumonia associated with traciconal cigarette smoking and Spanish society is a public health problem and international organizations such as the world organization of health or medical school studies california san francisco university in the United States - USA. Quitting smoking becomes a matter of status and all the resources to stop smoking traditional cigarettes and substitute alternatives less harmful than tobacco and reduce the risk of cancer, are welcome.

This conception they maintain until the moment that without hardly noticing, they discover that the e-cig was just what they needed in their life to quit smoking or simply doing it in the most healthy way thanks to the use of the electronic cigarette.

Using electronic cigarettes supposes comfort, implies certainty in the choice of an item of level that undoubtedly is much healthier than smoking, causes minor discomfort for your companions and above induces savings.

A thousand fragrances to savor with your electronic cigarette, is the next added value.

But it is that of all the exposed previously, if something marks the difference of the electronic cigarettes of iVapeo is just the immense variety of tastes that are offered. There are for any of the tastes and preferences.

For all this, we can say that electronic cigarettes are a great experience and a real pleasure, and you can enjoy the extensive catalog of kits and brands such as Ego, Hangsen, Joyetech Justfog, Alien Smok, Eleaf Istick, Vaporesso, Kanger Tech , kangertech, Revenger, Tobacoo, Istick, Innokin, Vaper, Halo, Big Baby, Ikuu, Nautilus, Breeze, Ijoy, Coilart, Wismec, Vision, Crest, Wotofo, Kings, Desert, Exceed, Reserve, Smok, Stick, Aio, Veil, Smok, Smoktech Vaporesso, liquid cigarette, clearomizers, chargers, Athos, Dpro, Pachamama, drops, Cubis, Ijust, mods and accessories or necessary parts for a pleasant sensation, always at the best prices, multiple forms of payment and shipping without cost according to amount for Spain and deliveries in urgent terms, with the guarantee of the years that iVapeo is in the sector, all to facilitate your order, so run begins the navigation make your list and to add what you want to the basket, without forgetting n Our offers and deliveries in 24 hours in national shipping for your orders and if you have questions do not forget the advice.

But we are aware that they can be very attractive for teenagers and young adults and that is why the sale is not made to children under 18 years of age under any circumstances. It is a tool when adults stop smoking after 30 years is complicated or change the habit of smoking and acquire safer practices than conventional tobacco.

Electronic cigarette stores in Barcelona

If you are looking for an establishment of electronic cigarettes in Barcelona you must visit Ivapeo because we have for sale all the necessary accessories to vape. Barcelona, ​​the capital of Catalonia, without a doubt the cosmopolitan city of our territory, there you will find everything you need to enjoy the sea, its cultural heritage and its history, a city where millions of passers-by walk every day delighting with its charms , is modern and follows the latest European trends, a tolerant and active city where fun is always guaranteed.

In Barcelona smokes approximately 1.4 million citizens, surely many of you will find in vaping a great alternative, because doing so is clean, does not leave any body odor or clothes and is much healthier and cheaper, friends vaping is the fashionable one. Find the best stores in Barcelona Ivapeo.

That is why we have chosen to open the stores in Barcelona and be present with the best catalog of electronic cigarettes and Ivapeo accessories for those consumers who have decided to vape.

In the stores of Barcelona we have an extensive catalog with everything you need different Starter Packs or mods, mechanical, electric or hybrid, prepared for those who have just started or for the already advanced users composed of different liquids with different flavors and accessories.


We know how important it is for you to have stores in Barcelona that have everything you need for sale to be able to enjoy vaping with different options to choose from the extensive catalog everything you need we have in our stores in Barna.

In the stores of Barcelona Ivapeo we do not forget the accessories that the vaper needs, covers, chargers, adapters or trims are just an example of everything that our stores in Barcelona can offer you.

The stores in Barcelona Ivapeo have a large assortment of E liquids of the best brands in the sector and different flavors such as creamy, fresh, gourmet or fruit among others. If what you need is to buy batteries, Ivapeo stores in Barcelona have different models depending on what you need with more or less voltage or capacity.

We have all kinds of Drip Tips available in various colors and with different designs. Barcelona shops always up to date to give full service to all the consumers in the city.

In the stores of Barcelona of Ivapeo we have experts who can advise you whether you are starting the vaping or are advanced offering the combinations to make your purchase a success.


We leave you the addresses of our stores in Barcelona Ivapeo where we open from Monday to Saturday.

Establishment of electronic cigarettes Barcelona. Ecig stores Barcelona:

- Arc de Trionf Store: Ronda de Sant Pere 49 Local (08010) tel: 935 167 167 (Central)

- Meridiana Store: Avenida Meridiana 510 Local (08030) Tel: 689 648 477

- Terrassa Store: Carrer d´Arquímedes 42 Local (08224) Tel: 93 116 901

- Santa Coloma Store: Rambla Sant Sebastian 54 Local (08921) Tel: 93 546 633

- Sabadell Store: Ronda Zamenhof 110 Local (08208) Tel: 938 679 916

If you do not have one of our stores in Barcelona nearby, you can always buy Online, and what do we ship to all of Barcelona. Our stores in Barcelona Ivapeo ship to all their populations:

If you are thinking of vaping, visit our stores in Barcelona Ivapeo you will surely find different options to always start at the best prices and with the advice of specialists.

And if you do not hesitate to make your purchases online in the store, and if you need advice you can call us and we will help you decide that this article suits your needs.

Shipping electronic cigarette Madrid

If you are looking for the alternative and want to start vaping in Madrid our establishment of electronic cigarette Madrid Ivapeo offers you an extensive catalog with everything you need to do it.

In Madrid one of our stores could not be missing. The capital of Spain and one of the cosmopolitan cities that combines everything necessary to enjoy its surroundings. The retirement park, the Puerta de Alcalá, The Prado Museum are places that you can not miss, it has services with an immense cultural and artistic heritage, legacy of centuries of exciting history.

Located in the center of the peninsula, it preserves one of the important old towns between the big cities, which blends harmoniously with modern infrastructures, with an offer of hotels and services at your disposal. The establishment of Madrid Ivapeo had to be present in a city with these characteristics.


At the Madrid Ivapeo store we offer everything you need to vape with all the guarantees.

We have vapers for sale with different packs both for those who want to start or for the most advanced. All kinds of E liquids of the best brands with flavors such as fruit, creamy, tobacco with or without nicotine. In the establishment Madrid offers you different types of resistors, by unit or by packs or atomizers and high-performance repairable.

Accessories such as plugs with different features, covers and pendants with modern and unique designs so that you can comfortably keep it, different types of fun-colored pendants, chargers of all kinds by USB for the car so you never run out of vaping.

In the premises in Madrid we have several types of mods, so that they want to increase the pleasure of vaping, they are devices called electric Mods of larger size, increase in power and with greater functions, they are fully customizable and produces an immense amount of steam In each puff.

Mods refers to the voltage system of the electronic cigarette itself, so we can regulate the power to our liking in each vaping.

The batteries last much longer. Discover the customizations that they can offer you, you will love them, available at the Madrid Ivapeo store.

And if you need professional advice, the establishment in Madrid offers it to you. We have experts who will help you choose the right one for you, whether you want to start vaping or you are already an advanced vaper. We are always up to date and we have available all the latest related to the universe of vapers, always offering the best quality to the best

Shipping electronic cigarette Valencia

Now you can enjoy the advantages of vaping with electronic cigarettes, accessories at the Valencia Ivapeo store. Whether you want to start or are an advanced vaper, we have a large assortment of everything you need for vaping enthusiasts for sale. They are the perfect alternative to tobacco, vaping besides being healthier is clean and does not leave any smell in the environment, in clothing or body.


It could not miss an establishment in Valencia for consumers, that's why Ivapeo found it present in one of the charming cities of the national geography. Located in the Mediterranean Sea full of beaches in the heart of the city.

In the summer months it is very visited by tourists who spend the summer to enjoy all the services of this wonderful city and want to spend the holidays in a city with spectacular beaches, you can enjoy fantastic possibilities for any type of sport and a very nightlife Active, along with a wide cultural offer, its cuisine is very rich but the star dish is undoubtedly the paella. The premises in Valencia Ivapeo could not be missing. The premises of Valencia Ivapeo have the international prestige marks of the vaping sector, so that you do it with high technology and sufficient guarantees.

If you want to buy the best electronic cigarettes of the best brands you can not stop visiting us, we have packs for sale with everything you need to vape. Packs for those who want to start for the demanding professionals.The Valencia store that has the best E liquids with brands such as Charlies Chalk Dust, VapFip, Joyetech Aio kit, Halo among others, different brands of liquids for cigars with the best Gourmet, fruity, creamy flavors that are sure to surprise you with the prestigious brands worldwide such as Flava, a reference brand of E liquids with fruit flavors of all kinds such as grapes, strawberries, currants, pineapples with very successful and very juicy flavors.

The Valencia Ivapeo store with the best and widest assortment of E liquids.If you need to buy heaters or headers for demanding consumers or for those who are going to start, the Valencia establishment has an extensive catalog of spare parts available in different packs or by units, choose the right one for you.

If you need to buy batteries, the Valencia establishment makes it easy for you because we have several models with different colors to give a special touch to your electronic cigarettes, available in different sizes and models.In the alchemy section of the Valencia establishment you will find different aromas to dilute with the E Liquids and give a special touch of pleasure in each puff.

In the establishment of Valencia we have for sale an extensive assortment of electric Mod so that you can adjust it to your needs with more battery life or drag force in the inhalation and they have the great advantage that last longer than conventional electronic cigarettes, enjoy vaping with our Mods.

Shipments to all Spain

We currently use Correos Express for national and international shipments. And Glovo for urgent shipments in the metropolitan area of Barcelona