The electronic cigarette is one of the last fruits that technology has left behind. Over the last few decades, as we know, many technological advances have been introduced into the market and they have all been great for us all. An example of this is precisely the electronic cigarette, a new conception of tobacco that has changed our consumption habits and also, why not, our way of thinking.

The electronic cigarette is composed of two fundamental parts: on the one hand, the battery, which can be recharged as many times as desired; and on the other hand, the atomizer, which is responsible for converting the electronic liquid or e-liquid into steam.

One of the features that most often attracts the attention of users when switching to electronic cigarettes is the ability to choose from a multitude of flavors and nicotine graduations. In Ivapeo, we have a wide range of e-liquids that come from different commercial houses.

Since it began to be marketed, the number of consumers interested in buying electronic cigarettes has not stopped growing. Ivapeo has established itself as one of the main shops dedicated to the sale of this type of product, which is not surprising given the wide range of solutions it offers.

And you, have you tried the e-cigarette yet?
Are you aware of the clear health benefits of the electronic cigarette? Do you know why buying electronic cigarettes is more than just a trend these days? If you still haven't got any answers to these questions, Ivapeo will solve them for you:

Before listing the advantages of buying electronic cigarettes, we would like to give you an important piece of information that will surely help you as a decisive factor in purchasing one. In case you didn't know, of all the users who have switched to this great alternative, 66% say they have managed to quit smoking. The remaining 33% admit to having decreased their consumption habit. This is already a contribution that says a lot about this effective option to quit smoking. However, it is not the only one of its virtues.

The benefits of buying electronic cigarettes today go far beyond the mere idea that we have of them as a smoking cessation resource. Thanks to numerous studies carried out by different universities and international organizations, electronic cigarettes are less harmful than tobacco because:

They do not contain tar or other carcinogenic substances; in addition, in Ivapeo we have them with or without nicotine.
They do not harm the environment, as what is expelled is steam.
Does not harm the passive smoker.
It is a great saving.
Does not cause a bad oral odor.
You can buy elquids without nicotine
These are just some of the great benefits of buying electronic cigarettes.

Would you like to try Ivapeo's?
If we were to conduct a survey aimed at uncovering the enigma between choosing cowboys and staying with traditional tobacco, you would probably be surprised at the end result. Ivapeo is not the only company in this sector that has asked itself the same question. She's the only one who's checked it out, though. And you know what option won the battle? Obviously, the cowboys.

From Ivapeo, we encourage you to take the test and ask several friends. You'll find that many will prefer vapeadores to any other option.

But why do they prefer them?

Very easy. Today, one of the criteria that most people are guided by in order to acquire the products they need is that of the economy. If we compare two items that satisfy the same need (in this case the electronic cigarette on one side and the traditional tobacco on the other), but one is much cheaper than the other, which one do you get? With the cheapest, right? Well, in this sense, the cowboys are the winners. And when it comes to Ivapeo's prices, there's no competitor.

As you can see, health and savings are two of the best features of these products.

Cigarettes that exactly mimic a normal cigarette are usually not a suitable option, because they do not usually renounce the characteristics of an advanced heifer, battery life, or steam stroke.

Don't resist trying them. You won't regret it.
The vast majority of traditional tobacco users who are encouraged to try the electronic cigarette and who are not fully aware of the benefits of vapear are looking for a new, different experience. What they don't know a priori is that in the end they're going to get a taste for this vapear thing; in fact, many of them come with the premeditated idea that they're not going to like it, that nothing replaces the tobacco of yesteryear today. This conception is maintained until one day, without even realizing it.


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