New to the Vaping?

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We recommend the best products for your introduction to Vaping

What is an electronic cigarette?

The electronic cigarette, also known as ecig or vaporizer, is a device composed of a battery and a tank, which uses e-liquid. The e-liquid is transformed into steam by heat produced by the device, releasing nicotine and flavor, in order to be inhaled by the user.

If you are a smoker, you have thought about leaving it several times.

Electronic cigarettes are a great option to get it for the following reasons:

Free of toxic chemicals

Butane. Arsenic. Tar. Carbon monoxide…

Delicious? Not really!

Well all these chemicals are found in the manufacture of conventional cigarettes. E-liquids are manufactured with non-toxic products such as propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine (in different proportions) and flavors.

Save money!

As all smokers know, conventional tobacco is not cheap. A pack of cigarettes can cost between € 4.10 and € 5.50. A bottle of 10ml of e-liquid ready to vape with a Kit like the Exceed, we would have product for a week from 3.50 €. Approximately € 150 per month could be saved by making the change to the electronic cigarette, based on the daily consumption of 20 cigarettes per day.


Not only on our part, the English public health

has affirmed the following:

"Vaping is 95%

Less harmful than smoking. "

Hundreds of flavors

Conventional tobacco has a very limited range of flavors, which you have tried thousands of times. E-Liquids offer a much wider range of flavors. Ivapeo currently has more than 100 flavors!

Recommended start kit



Recommended liquids: 50/50

Battery life: 1 Day approx

Deposit: 1.5ml

Charge: USB

Battery capacity: 370mAh

Resistors: 1.6 ohms



Recommended liquids: 80/20

Battery life: 1 Day approx

Deposit: 2ml

Charge: USB

Air regulation: No

Resistors: Nrg and Cascade

Interchangeable Drip: No



Recommended liquids: 80/20

Battery life: 1 Day approx

Deposit: 2ml

Charge: USB

Air regulation: Yes

Resistors: 0.2 ohms

Interchangeable Drip: Yes



Component that generates heat. Also known as coil. Which has to house cotton that will contain the e-liquid. Replacement is recommended every two weeks.

Drip Tip

It is the mouthpiece of the electronic cigarette. They can be found in different shapes, sizes and colors.


Propylene Glycol. Mixed component used for the manufacture of e-liquids. Usually associated with greater taste and throat beat.


It is the measurement of the electrical resistance of the resistors or coils.

Throat blow

It is the sensation or blow that occurs when smoking traditional cigarettes. The e-liquids with high PG replicate this sensation.


Vegetable Glycerine. Mixed component used for the manufacture of e-liquids. Associated with a smooth throat and generation of more steam.

Absorbing or wicking material

Material used to absorb and maintain the e-liquid in our resistance to be vaporized, normally cotton.

Components of an eCig


Rechargeable current generator.


The e-liquid that when heated produces steam.


Component that also contains the resistance, and deposit that contains the e-liquid.


Component that when heated in contact with e-liquid produces steam.