The products on this website have one month warranty from date of purchase, except as outlined below have a maximum guarantee of two days (except the products your life shorter than systems at 48h):










iVapeo.com is responsible for product replacement, should be defective. For this test, the client have to send the product along with your invoice or receipt to Av Meridiana No. 510, Local 2 -. 08030 Barcelona, after checking if the product status DEFECTIVE it will be replaced by a new one if charge and will be held corresponding to the costs incurred shipping bonus. In the event that the product was defective and was not a lack of knowledge in using the product the customer shall bear all costs of shipping the product.

The warranty will be void if the product has been damaged by misuse, forced suffered any kind of manipulation and / or does not contain all original packaging and documentation. Any collateral will not be processed without the invoice or receipt. The processing time of the warranty depends on each manufacturer pudiento take between 1 and 4 weeks for replacement.

Liquids, aromas and bases once opened any exchange or refund is not made as from its opening considers product handled. There may be slight variations in taste in their conservation, for the claromizador or spray used and even small changes made in the factory for improvement thereof. Must take into account that not always know all liquid equally well for periods as our taste buds have small variations. Liquids, bases and aromas that have not been opened and have their packaging and invoice or ticket can be exchanged for another product or get a voucher for your next purchase.


If you are not satisfied with the purchase of your product can make an exchange or refund if not more than 7 working days after purchase as long as the product is in good condition, has not been used and have its original packaging and documentation together with the invoice or sales receipt, the customer shall bear the shipping costs for return. The amount of your refund can be made either through a paypal account or through a voucher for your next purchase.




More information about the terms and conditions of the guarantee:





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