Terios AIO Pod Starter comes with a built-in 480 mAh.

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    What is Teros AIO Pod?


    Terios AIO Pod Starter comes with a built-in 480 mAh battery and a 2 ml refillable cartridge. The Teros has a thermochromic and photochromic finish where the color changes by sunlight or temperature. With its slim and soft appearance, the Joyetech Teros is very comfortable in your hands. With a size of 90 x 29 x 12mm.


    The box contains:


    1 x TEROS
    2 x TEROS Cartridge
    1 x USB cable
    1 x Warranty card
    1 x Quick guide

    How is Teros AIO Pod used?


    Teros aio pod, has an easy operation, by not having to press any button. This Terios AIO Pod, is activated by taking a puff, so it is more comfortable to use than other pods.


    Why buy Terios AIO Pod?


    Terosi Aio Pod, is a good system for people who want to take the step, to quit smoking. Since the puff is very similar to that of a cigar and not have to press any button for its operation.

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