Battery Vision Spinner Variable voltage (1300mah-900mah)

Battery Vision Spinner of variable voltage, from 3, 2V hata 4, 8V, adjustable by means of thread on the bottom. Large capacity of 1300mah. Thread EGO/510. Available in black and steel.


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    Battery Vision Spinner variable voltage (VV), allows you to adjust the output from 3.2 volts up to 4.8 Volt via screw located at the bottom in a very precise way. Its large capacity (1300mah) can be used for many hours, but its duration depends on the power that is used (to more volts, less duration).His EGO thread / 510 makes it compatible with any consumable.




    -Adjustable voltage from 3, 2V to 4, 8V.

    -Capacity of 1300mah.

    -Threads EGO/510.

    -Locking with five clicks.

    -Protection against short circuits and overloads.

    -Time of 8 seconds.

    -Size: 113mm by 16 mm.

    • Height 113mm
    • Width 16mm

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