C4 BF RDA is the new atomizer of Asmodus.

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    What is Atomizer C4 Bf RDA?


    C4 BF RDA is the new atomizer of Asmodus, single coil a low profile of air intake in cyclonic flow. The C4 has a height of 26mm, 24mm in diameter, and a deck 3mm wide and 1mm high. His hexagonal screws improve the grip of the resistances. This RDA has double adjustable air intake, through its upper part. Each air inlet has 9 1mm holes machined at an angle of 25º, oriented towards the resistance, to improve the internal air flow towards the resistance.


    How is C4 BF RDA Atomizer used?


    Install the chosen resistors, leaving them aligned with the air intake, cutting the remaining legs to prevent short circuits. It is advisable to stabilize the resistances before putting the cotton, and confirm that they do not touch each other. Insert the cotton in its position, and cut the excess cotton. Moisten and use.


    Why buy Atomizer C4 Bf RDA?


    All the contacts of the C4 BF RDA, like the pins, are bathed in 24 carat gold, to offer a better conductivity. The BF pin with its concave shape, helps distribute the liquid to both pools, thus offering greater drainage on both sides of the resistance. The body of this atomizer is made of 304 stainless steel and 6063 anodized aluminum in its upper part.

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