Kanger T5 (unit) Starter Pack

Kanger T5 special Starter Pack recommended for beginners. Compatible with the majority of consumable thanks to threaded EGO/510 batteries. Easy to use, good performance and price

Configurable options:

-Battery of 650mAh o 1000mAh

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    Kanger Starter Pack recommended for beginners. Reduced version, with only one unit of electronic cigarette at a lower price.

    Compatible with the majority of consumable threaded EGO/510 battery. Easy to use, efficient and economical price. 

    Configurable options:

    -Claromizador Kanger CE4 o Kanger T5 (detachable)

    -Battery of 650mAh o 1000mAh.


    CONTENT of the KANGER (unit) special Starter PACK:

    1. eGo Battery(650mAh or 1. 000mAh)

    1 clearomizer T5 detachable. (Transparent)

    1. Fast USB battery charger.

    1 Case (according to selected color).

     10ml Free Eliquid Bottle!


    Available also in Pack CE4 or T5-Kanger (2 units) 


    Protection 5-clicks: The batteries are equipped with safety lock 5 clicks, allowing you to turn off the battery and that this is not active when the button is pressed. To enable or disable this protection, press quickly 5 times the battery button. The LED will Flash several times to indicate that the protection is enabled or disabled.

    Load notice:  When the battery is exhausted, the LED will Flash several times quickly to indicate that the battery needs to be charged.

    Safety Court: If you hold button on more than 10 seconds, the battery will be disconnected automatically.

    One of the most famous, clearomizers with the quality and reliability of the Kanger brand. Compatible with all models of EGO battery.

    Capacity of 1, 6ml. Resistance: 2.1 - 2.5 Ohms



     CLAROMIZADOR  Kanger T5 (detachable)


    Easily replaceable elements. Excellent quantity of steam and flavor.

    Capacity 1, 6 ml. Resistance 1.8 or 2.2 Ohms.

    Economic pre builded coils, only € 1 unit (pack 5 units: €4) > tab accessories available.

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