The Dual 18650 Mech of DotMod mod of two batteries (NOT INCLUDED) has a comfortable comfortable grip design, with a standard regulator or paraleo under the lid.

The use of mechanical or hybrid mods is only recommended for advanced users.
Its use is recommended only with repairable resistors (RDA / RTA / RDTA)

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    What is  Dual 18650 Mech?

    A mod of two batteries 18650, with the centered button, ergonomic format for use with the left or right hand. Option to regulate the batteries in series (sum of amperes of discharge) or parallel (sum of capacity of the batteries) under the lid. A great option to take into account thanks to its elegant design and the great power it gives us.


    How is it used  Dual 18650 Mech?

    The mod is manufactured in anodized alunimio, has a regulator under the lid that offers us 3 modes, the left position, serial mode, locked central position and the right position, parallel mode. The panels are removable as front or rear and the ignition button is interchangeable. It has protection against short circuits.


    Why buy  Dual 18650 Mech?

    Its beautiful design in addition to its short circuit protection that allows us to enjoy without any concern.

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