Limited edition of this spectacular mechanical mod. Two variants available. Limited units.

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    What is Legacy Set?


    Legacy set is the limited edition of Rig Mod 3 in honor of James Seaton. The Legacy edition has a thick copper body, which supports a 21700 battery. Its measurements are 92.5mm in height, a weight of 183.4g and a diameter in its widest part of 25mm. With an easy button to press. Limited units of this mod. Two different versions


    The box contains:


    1 x Transport box

    1 x Cotton COTN

    1 x ODB Wraps

    2 x M.Terk resistors


    How is Legacy Set used?


    Unscrew the lower button and insert the battery with the lower pole downwards. Screw in the atomizer, and the button. Press the button to carry out the puff.


    Why buy Legacy Set?


    Legacy set is a limited edition in honor of James Seaton, made of high quality copper, with a high thickness, generating more mass and more conductivity. 2 different varieties Face on Button Edition and Face on Mod Edition.

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