Made on the basis of the most realistic coffee flavor, we bring you our chocolate coffee recipe.

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    What is Intenso Pack Salts?

    Intense sales pack, is a pack consisting of a 30ml bottle, with 3ml of pre-macerated aroma, 2 nicokits of salts at 18mg and a nicokit at 0mg. This liquid offers us an intense coffee flavor, with sweet notes thanks to its condensed milk flavor.


    Why buy Intenso Pack Salts?

    Intense pack sales, it offers us a very faithful taste of chocolate coffee, thus being a liquid suitable for vaping all day and enjoying a sweet and intense flavor.


    How is Intenso Pack Salts used?

    Open the 30ml capacity bottle. (Contains 3 ml of aroma) and add the 2 Nikovaps of your choice (If you want the result with 18m / ml, add the 2 Niko-vaps of salts. If you want it at 9mg / ml add 1 Niko-vap of salts and the Niko-Vap without nicotine)

    Close the boat and shake vigorously for about a minute.




    You should always add 2 Niko-Vaps. If only one is added, the distortion of flavor produced by the excess of aroma will cause this not to have a good result.

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