Exquisite base of gin with different layers of ice cubes, lemon zest and a just tonic point, with this liquid Garbo, you can taste and enjoy authentic gin and tonics.

Package 60ml in single: 0mg / ml

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    What is Garbo + Vg?

    Garbo, elegant and balanced. This liquid has been created emulating the authentic Gin Tonic preparation ritual; starting from an exquisite white gin and the different layers of ice (freshness), natural and tonic lemon peel, the authentic sensation of enjoying a Gin and tonic


    Why buy Garbo + Vg?

    Enjoy your best gin and tonic, now in the form of steam. A perfect fusion of gin and tonic with lemon zest and its perfect touch of freshness.


    How is Garbo + Vg used?

    Fill your atomizer or failing, pour over the resistance, in case you use an RDA atomizer.

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