Trubio - BOMBO 60ml

TRUBIO bombo eliquids,

An e-liquid tabaquil made in Spain, this eliquid is a delicious blond tobacco with sherry cask, which adds touches of aged oak reserve and a mild Jerez sweetness. Blond tobacco with oak of Jerez

Trubio, Gama author of Bombo Eliquids.

50VP / 50PG

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    Leaves of blond tobacco of intense aroma, rounded with fine traces of walnut shell and notes of sherry cask, where you can appreciate different spices and nuances of truffle.
    A unique tobacco e-liquid with its own personality, which highlights the elegant sweetness of sherry.
    Blond tobacco with sherry cask !!


    Liquids quality BOMBO

    Quality liquids made entirely in Spain, round, balanced and unique compositions, complex elaborations allows you to enjoy different mediteraneos nuances in the same liquid.

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