Navelina Express 10ml - BOMBO

E-liquid manufactured by Spanish Bombo 100% premium quality
E-liquid flavored with orange flavor with hints of his own skin, a combination of subtle nuances that make this special and different liquid. You will be surprised.
Respect the maximum life of the resistors and sub-OMHS.

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    Navelina Express - BOMBO

    E-orange liquid combined with touches of his own skin, a supreme combination of flavors ending with an extra steam, a special liquid orange will surprise you !!

    Available levels: 0mg / ml, 6 mg / ml, 12 mg / ml and 18mmg / ml




    Features that differentiate the Bombo Liquids

    Premium quality eliquid Own, balanced and with different nuances in their flavor development.

    Respect the maximum life of the resistances and sub-OMHS.

    68% PG / 32% VG that provide a good balance of flavor, vapor and throat hit.

    Easy maintenance and clearomizers, atomizers, after many tests, e-liquids bombo, are not easily impregnated in the tanks.


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